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    0.1mg~600t Load Cell / Weighing Sensor / Torque Sensor / Gas.Hydraulic Pressure Sensor / Weighing Instrument/ Amplifier / Intelligent Solutions Specialist

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    Shenzhen Zhuohang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Zhuohang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (Zhuohang Precision) is a professional company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of high-precision force measurement and weighing sensors, liquid level sensors, flow sensors, milligram weighing modules, temperature controllers, instruments, electric tools, software, and force measurement equipment. Zhuohang Precision was established in 2011 and is currently a national high-tech enterprise located in Guangming District, Shenzhen. For over 10 years, Zhuohang Precision has been committed to the research and production of sensing and measurement technology. In the field of new product development, we reached a long-term industry university research cooperation with Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School in 2018, which has made our products more competitive in the market. The company has a professional and mature engineering team and a group of experienced technical workers, with experience in the research and development and manufacturing of complex environmental sensors and intelligent instruments. There are currently over ten types of products and hundreds of models, with multiple national patents, ROHS and CE certifications, as well as integrated circuit and invention patents. Widely used in 3C automation equipment, construction, automotive, lithium batteries, wind energy, photovoltaics, agriculture and animal husbandry, environmental protection, robotics, metallurgy, chemical, medical and other fields, with sales networks throughout the country.

    The company has a comprehensive service system, and we adhere to the principle of customer centeredness. We warmly and efficiently handle various customer service requests, complaints, etc., and provide 24-hour uninterrupted service.

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    Our advantages


    To create a good user experience is our unremitting pursuit

    Stable and reliable

    We are well aware of the importance of the stability and reliability of industrial products.

    High precision and quick response

    Meet your requirements of high speed/high precision of weighing control


    The artisan spirit of perfectionism polishes every product

    Quality customer service

    Well-received expert customer service team to provide technical support

    News information


    Committed to the development of high-tech industrial products

    Committed to the development of high-tech industrial products


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    April 2018 Inter Weighing exhibition in Wuhan


    發布時間:2019-06-15 14:55
    April 2018 Inter Weighing exhibition in Wuhan
    Apri 2014 Inter WEIGHING Exhibiton in Dongguan

    Apri 2014 Inter WEIGHING Exhibiton in Dongguan


    發布時間:2019-06-15 14:16
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