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  • 0.1mg~600t 測力傳感器/稱重傳感器/扭矩傳感器/氣.液壓力傳感器/高精度配料控制器/毫克級傳感器/方案解決
    接觸連續測量液位傳感器 ZHLI01

    接觸連續測量液位傳感器 ZHLI01

    ? 接觸連續測量液位傳感器(耐腐蝕)

    ? 集檢測、顯示、控制于一體的智能產品

    ? 外型小巧,功能豐富

    ? 探測棒外殼首創采用PTFE材料,標準長度450mm(可定制),直徑21mm

    ? 精度1%,無泄露無污染

    ? 抗干擾性強

    ? 適用于連續檢測鋰電、生物等行業材料的各種導電液體的液面高度

    ? Capacitive level sensor

    ? Intelligent product integrating detection, display and control

    ? Small and versatile in appearance

    ? The probe casing is the first to use TFFP material, with a standard length of 450mm (customizable) and a diameter of 21mm

    ? 1% accuracy, no leakage or pollution

    ? Strong anti-interference ability

    ? Suitable for continuously detecting the liquid level height of various conductive liquids used in industries such as lithium battery and biology


    接觸連續測量液位傳感器 ZHLI01
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